Jul 26, 2009

Crack BIOS Password Easily !!

Forgot BIOS Password ?

Do the following :

Open the CPU
2. Now, observe the motherboard.
3. You notice a coin like silver Battery(3V).
This battery is 24 x 7 power supply for the BIOS, which is used to run the system clock will the main power is off. It also initiates the booting process when power is switched on.

4. Remove the battery from the motherboard.
(It is safe to remove the Battery)
5. Wait 30 seconds and place the battery back on the motherboard.
6. Now, when you start your system you won't be prompted for the BIOS password.

Enjoy !!!

Perform on your own risk !
You have to set the time of your computer when you start again.

Jul 24, 2009

How To Use Social Networking For Increasing Blog Traffic

Blogging is a great way to get some popularity on Internet and also earn some dollars. Using your blog to earn good amount of money is also possible, but you need to dedicate your lot of time to blogging and building a empire around your blog. The most useful and easier way to do so is to use Social Networking sites but many new bloggers use a lot of sites and waste their valuable time on those sites. In this post, I am sharing some useful tips for using the Social media to increase your Blog traffic and sharing the easier ways to spread your blog posts.


How many networks to use?

This is a important thing, You need only few but important sites matching with your Blog niche to get high traffic from these sites. So chose wisely so that you don’t waste your time on sites where you can’t get high traffic. 4-5 main sites can improve your Traffic.

Which sites to use?

There are many online article submitting or bookmarking sites, but if you use them all, you waste your valuable time that you can utilize on blogging. The most important sites according to me are Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Delicious, StumbleUpon and FriendFeed. These all sites can give you much traffic if you use them in a better way. There are some more good sites too but you only need to use them if you are not getting traffic from these sites. Blogs related to Technology can get high traffic from these 5 sites.

How to use them all?

There are many ways of using these sites. You can just sign up and share your blog posts only and sit back or spam it everywhere. But these two methods are not good for your blog. You will get nothing by these methods. You need to use them in a good way to get quality traffic.


On Delicious, tutorials or collection of tools/tutorials work best. If you write a list post or tutorial, then you can submit it there, you will get a good traffic.

Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed

Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed work in a similar way, you need to add good friends and add good links to your feeds (Facebook & Twitter) and comment on your friends’ posts (Facebook and FriendFeed). Being active on all these three networks can be difficult and time consuming, you can reduce it by using tools like TweetDeck to post to Facebook and Twitter in a go. FriendFeed allows you to add other services like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and your blog’s feed. So you don’t need to worry about posting on FriendFeed, but don’t forget to be active there and interact with your friends.


On Digg, you need to be active, Digg every good post and submit your blog articles too. Latest news, rumors and list posts perform better on Digg. For getting more friends, comment on as many posts as you can, related to your blog niche.


StumbleUpon is easy to use, just install the toolbar and click on ‘I like’ button on every good post or site while surfing. Similarly submit your own blog posts; it will also give you good amount of traffic.
So this was a detailed guide on how to use these sites to increase your blog traffic and also without any wastage of time. Not one more important thing, before all these things you need to write good and genuine articles to get visitors.

Jul 22, 2009

Copy File having Size more than 4GB to Pendrive/Flashdrive

Most of the times we can not Copy one file having size more than 4GB to the PENDRIVE/FLASHDRIVE.
As File System of Pendrive/Flashdrive is : FAT/FAT32 .

These File System Don't support to store one file having size more than 4GB.
If we want to store any Game/Software having "ISO image" more than 4GB in the Pendrive then it is not possible due to FAT System.
So you have to convert that FAT file system to NTFS .

Here is The Step by Step Guide that How to do that :

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.
  2. CLICK ON IMAGE To SEE it Clearly.
  3. At the command prompt, type the following, where drive letter is the drive that you want to convert:
    convert drive letter: /fs:ntfs
    For example, type the following command to convert drive E to NTFS:
    convert e: /fs:ntfs
  4. When the conversion to NTFS is complete, you receive the following message at the command prompt:
    Conversion complete
  5. Quit the command prompt.

Blogger Ads Twitter Updates and Recent Post,Comments

Adding Recent posts, Recent comments or your Recent Twitter updates on your blog was never easy for bloggers using Blogger. In Wordpress, you can do this with few clicks but in Blogger, this was only possible with JavaScripts and HTML codes which a normal blogger finds difficult to add. But now Blogger has added these three important widgets for professional bloggers to their gallery.

These gadgets are developed by Blogger Buster. For adding these gadgets to your blog, go to your Blog Layout settings and click on add a widget. Then switch to ‘Featured’ section and add these gadgets.

You only need to configure the gadget by selecting your preference, and saving. Blogger has made it simple for developers to make gadgets, so you would be seeing more great gadgets soon.

Jul 19, 2009

If You are so busy then ways to automate your tweets

Sometime due to our busy schedule or some other reasons, it is not possible to update your Twitter status. Updating your status for a long time may result in less followers, Although it is not that important to post useful links/updates daily but if you care about your Twitter account a lot then these are the two great tools for you to make your Tweeting automatic.


TwitterFeed is a popular tool for posting from a RSS feed to your Twitter account. You can use it in a better way if you are planning to automate your account. Set up a new feed for you Twitter account and login using oAuth. Go to the setup page and enter RSS feed URL of that site and other details. You can set feeds of your most favorite blogs and this will update your Twitter status as soon as the new post arrives. You can now enjoy your other works.


YoTwits is also similar to TwitterFeed, but it gives you more options, you can reTweet a user’s tweets automatically say ‘Google’. It will now automatically update your Twitter status whenever Google tweets. You can also set up a custom feed similar to TwitterFeed. Alternatively if you want to post everything about a particular topic then you can select from Presets available like Technology, Humor and Games etc. But you should be careful while using this feature because it can also post many useless links and updates that will make your account look like a spammer’s account.

Some Tips

The above tools are useful and can save your time but these are not advisable if you want to tweet to share genuine and useful content, learn from other users and interact with each other through replies or direct messages. There are a lot of automated accounts for this purpose and users can also subscribe to the original feeds instead of following you. You should only use these if you find yourself too busy. Otherwise tweet in the real way if you want to succeed on Twitter.

Jul 15, 2009

How to Open Two Orkut Accounts in Two Tabs of Mozilla

This trick needs Mozilla Firefox 3

  • First open Firfox and then login to Orkut.
  • After logging in Open a new Tab in Firefox and click on close button of the browser.
  • You will get a Diologue box Click on SAVE.
  • Then again open Firefox, you can see you are still logged in.
  • Then On your Orkut home page, scroll down and at the bottom you will see go to orkut.com.
  • See the screen Shot for help

Now you can see a new login screen has come
Login with your second account and Enjoy :)

How to Find any Softwares and Games easily

A guide to Get any full version software, game or scripts you need free of cost and with minimum efforts.

When you need some kind of software, first of all decide which one will be perfect for you. For example you need an antivirus, so decide which one will suite you and take help from google to decide it.
Search for “Best antivirus”, “Antivirus Reviews” etc. It will surely help you to decide.
Now after selecting the software, you need its download link. You can either go to the official product site to download trial version and then making it full using serials or cracks. Or you can download it from Warez site. Here are these most popular sites to get softwares/games/scripts/movies etc.
Some Websites for downloading softwares/games etc.
MiniNova [Torrent site]
The Pirate Bay [Torrent site]
These will always help you to download this kind of stuff

Finding Serials/cracks
If you download from above 3 sites, in most case serial or crack would be included in the download, but if it is not included or you download trial version from official site then use crackserialkeygen website to find all kind of serials or cracks.

Finding Archive Passwords
Files you will find on these warez site will be mostly archieved and some of them are password protected, When downloading, always notedown the password provided on that page or in the comments. But if you forgot to note the password then use these Winrar Password Breaker Tools
After downloading the most important thing is to scan all files with any good antivirus like Kaspersky or Avast.
Enjoy Downlaoding :)

Add Your Twitter Profile to "TECNORATI"

Yes, You have heard right. Now you can add your Twitter Profile to Technorati. ( A popular Blog Directory), I assume you are already familier with them, It really affects your blog traffic and now you can use it to increase your followers :) So now what are you waiting for, Go here and enter your Twitter Profile url . On the claim Blog box copy the technorati code

Then Tweet this code only.

Click on complete claim, You are done. Enjoy !!!!

Jul 13, 2009

How To Find Copy-Pasters of your Blog and Punish Them

If you are running a blog, with some good posts, then in most cases, your blog is being copied, It is really irritating to see your copied content published by others. So here we come up with these free tools and tips to find your copy-pasters and take an action against them.

Find Copies of your content over the web :-
1. Copyscape :- This is an effective tool to search copies of your web page around the web.

2. CopyGator , 3. CopyRightSpot Similar to Copyscape, Just differs few features

4. Fairshare - It is a better service, You have to provide your feed url and sign up with them, then just subscribe to the feed provided and see copies of your blog instantly :)

Ok, Now you have enough option to find copies of your blog, Now it is time to take some action. The perfect way is that you report to their publisher network, Once it get disabled, your work is now easy, Just contact the owner to remove your content, to be safe from further loss.
TechZoomIn has provided a good article for reporting to adsense, Read here
That's all, If you know a better way to fight against Plagiarism, then do comment :)

Tips For Creating A Good Looking Post

Normally We come up with a post idea, we write the content and post it in hurry, But always Bloggers ignore to design the post. It is an important part of every post and it attracts your readers. In this Post We are going to Discuss about some of These things you should never avoid while creating a new post.

1. Don’t use Default Dashboard for Writing
It is an important step, it doesn’t matter you are using Wordpress or Blogger, you should not use the default post writers, Use Windows live writer, It helps you for creating a better formatted post and offers many plugins to ease up your work. By using the Windows live writer, you can write some posts while you are offline and publish them later too, it also improve your writing.

2.Review the Formatting before publishing
When you are writing, ideas flow through your mind, so generally a writer forgets about the formatting and publish it without any proper formatting, so always remember to review your post once after completing it and do proper formatting, Keep important Words/Headings Bold and ‘justify’ the full paragraph before posting, it will look much cleaner.

3. Use Headings
Split your post in sections and write proper Headings, it makes easier for Reader to Understand your posts easily, otherwise it looks tidy and Difficult for Reading.

4. Use Images or Related Screenshots
You must use any image with your post, it looks attractive and Nice, If you are posting some tutorial then you may also Post Screenshots making it easier for Readers to understand.

5. Use Social Networking Buttons
You should offer Readers to share your posts by making it easy with Badges and Icons, you can do this easier way by installing Social Networking plugins in your Wordpress Blog or if you are using Blogger, then go here for the complete Tutorial

Have some better ideas??, Share with use through comments or Reply on Twitter

10 Great ideas For Your Blog's Sidebar

Sidebars are the 2nd most important parts of your Blog after Posts, A sidebar can be used in various methods to help readers, search engines or yourself. So here we are sharing these * ideas for using Sidebars, you can then select according to your needs.

1. Recent Posts
Show about 5-10 Recent posts on your Blog’s Sidebar, that helps your reader to Navigate easily and find the latest content on your Blog and it also helps you to increase your Blog’s traffic and getting loyal readers.

2. Tags/Categories
Another important widget for your sidebar to help readers to easily get their wanted stuff by filtering posts under a Tag, Tags also play an important role in SEO, they increase your site’s visibility in Search Results.

3. Search Box
Having large number of posts and no search Box is not a good idea, Provide your users a search box, so that they can find your posts easy way, you can also use Google powered Search engine that can be used for earning extra cash from Google.

4. Subscription buttons
Another Box useful for Both Bloggers and Readers, Provide many methods to subscribe to your blog like Feedburner, ‘Add to Google/yahoo’ etc. or ‘subscribe by Email’ etc. This gives a good impression to your reader too.

5. Give your Readers a way to connect with you
Give you Reader a way to connect with you, so that they become your Daily visitor or you may also want to connect with other people to discover new content on the web for new blogging ideas, so write a short ‘Bio’ and add Social networking buttons like Twitter, Facebook Orkut etc.

6. Visitor counter or Current Visitors online
This can be also added to your blog’s sidebar, you can show your Visitor count to blog or show live visitors to the page with tools like Statcounter or WhosAmungUs.

7. Polls
Add more interactivity to your site with a Poll related to your Niche, Collect Poll results and this will also help you to get a new post idea from the results.

8. Advertisements
Spending much time on Blogging! What about earning few dollars too, Add a Adsense or any of your preferred Ad. network Ad box to your Sidebar, which can help you to maintain your Blog properly.

9. Feeds of Popular Blogs or News
You can also add Feeds of your Favorite blogs which can help your readers too or show News related to your Niche easily with Google news widgets.

10. Popular Posts
It is a very nice way to redirect your Visitors to other posts on your Blog, Show most commented or Your Favorite Posts on Sidebar which also helps readers, IF you are running your Blog on Wordpress, there are many add-ons which can do this work the easy way.

So here are these 10 ideas for your Blog’s sidebar, Liked these widget ideas or want to share more with us, Share your ideas through comments.

Jul 1, 2009



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Fix-It Utilities 7 FREE Serial License

Fix-It Utilities 7 Express optimizes the performance of your PC, and the tools included find and prevent system problems before they occur.
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