Jul 15, 2009

How to Find any Softwares and Games easily

A guide to Get any full version software, game or scripts you need free of cost and with minimum efforts.

When you need some kind of software, first of all decide which one will be perfect for you. For example you need an antivirus, so decide which one will suite you and take help from google to decide it.
Search for “Best antivirus”, “Antivirus Reviews” etc. It will surely help you to decide.
Now after selecting the software, you need its download link. You can either go to the official product site to download trial version and then making it full using serials or cracks. Or you can download it from Warez site. Here are these most popular sites to get softwares/games/scripts/movies etc.
Some Websites for downloading softwares/games etc.
MiniNova [Torrent site]
The Pirate Bay [Torrent site]
These will always help you to download this kind of stuff

Finding Serials/cracks
If you download from above 3 sites, in most case serial or crack would be included in the download, but if it is not included or you download trial version from official site then use crackserialkeygen website to find all kind of serials or cracks.

Finding Archive Passwords
Files you will find on these warez site will be mostly archieved and some of them are password protected, When downloading, always notedown the password provided on that page or in the comments. But if you forgot to note the password then use these Winrar Password Breaker Tools
After downloading the most important thing is to scan all files with any good antivirus like Kaspersky or Avast.
Enjoy Downlaoding :)

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