Jul 19, 2009

If You are so busy then ways to automate your tweets

Sometime due to our busy schedule or some other reasons, it is not possible to update your Twitter status. Updating your status for a long time may result in less followers, Although it is not that important to post useful links/updates daily but if you care about your Twitter account a lot then these are the two great tools for you to make your Tweeting automatic.


TwitterFeed is a popular tool for posting from a RSS feed to your Twitter account. You can use it in a better way if you are planning to automate your account. Set up a new feed for you Twitter account and login using oAuth. Go to the setup page and enter RSS feed URL of that site and other details. You can set feeds of your most favorite blogs and this will update your Twitter status as soon as the new post arrives. You can now enjoy your other works.


YoTwits is also similar to TwitterFeed, but it gives you more options, you can reTweet a user’s tweets automatically say ‘Google’. It will now automatically update your Twitter status whenever Google tweets. You can also set up a custom feed similar to TwitterFeed. Alternatively if you want to post everything about a particular topic then you can select from Presets available like Technology, Humor and Games etc. But you should be careful while using this feature because it can also post many useless links and updates that will make your account look like a spammer’s account.

Some Tips

The above tools are useful and can save your time but these are not advisable if you want to tweet to share genuine and useful content, learn from other users and interact with each other through replies or direct messages. There are a lot of automated accounts for this purpose and users can also subscribe to the original feeds instead of following you. You should only use these if you find yourself too busy. Otherwise tweet in the real way if you want to succeed on Twitter.

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