Jul 13, 2009

How To Find Copy-Pasters of your Blog and Punish Them

If you are running a blog, with some good posts, then in most cases, your blog is being copied, It is really irritating to see your copied content published by others. So here we come up with these free tools and tips to find your copy-pasters and take an action against them.

Find Copies of your content over the web :-
1. Copyscape :- This is an effective tool to search copies of your web page around the web.

2. CopyGator , 3. CopyRightSpot Similar to Copyscape, Just differs few features

4. Fairshare - It is a better service, You have to provide your feed url and sign up with them, then just subscribe to the feed provided and see copies of your blog instantly :)

Ok, Now you have enough option to find copies of your blog, Now it is time to take some action. The perfect way is that you report to their publisher network, Once it get disabled, your work is now easy, Just contact the owner to remove your content, to be safe from further loss.
TechZoomIn has provided a good article for reporting to adsense, Read here
That's all, If you know a better way to fight against Plagiarism, then do comment :)

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