Jul 13, 2009

Tips For Creating A Good Looking Post

Normally We come up with a post idea, we write the content and post it in hurry, But always Bloggers ignore to design the post. It is an important part of every post and it attracts your readers. In this Post We are going to Discuss about some of These things you should never avoid while creating a new post.

1. Don’t use Default Dashboard for Writing
It is an important step, it doesn’t matter you are using Wordpress or Blogger, you should not use the default post writers, Use Windows live writer, It helps you for creating a better formatted post and offers many plugins to ease up your work. By using the Windows live writer, you can write some posts while you are offline and publish them later too, it also improve your writing.

2.Review the Formatting before publishing
When you are writing, ideas flow through your mind, so generally a writer forgets about the formatting and publish it without any proper formatting, so always remember to review your post once after completing it and do proper formatting, Keep important Words/Headings Bold and ‘justify’ the full paragraph before posting, it will look much cleaner.

3. Use Headings
Split your post in sections and write proper Headings, it makes easier for Reader to Understand your posts easily, otherwise it looks tidy and Difficult for Reading.

4. Use Images or Related Screenshots
You must use any image with your post, it looks attractive and Nice, If you are posting some tutorial then you may also Post Screenshots making it easier for Readers to understand.

5. Use Social Networking Buttons
You should offer Readers to share your posts by making it easy with Badges and Icons, you can do this easier way by installing Social Networking plugins in your Wordpress Blog or if you are using Blogger, then go here for the complete Tutorial

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