Jun 3, 2009

How To Monetize Your Web Site with Google Adsense & Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to monetize your site is with Google Adsense, however if you don't have the content or the on site optimization your traffic will trickle in and the ads that Google might send you won't be worth that much.

One way to make sure you maximize your Google Adsense profits is to subscribe to services that specifically tailor their content for Google Adsense and create page layouts and templates that benefit the web developer. With content management services, you can increase your traffic, click through rate and increase the profit you make on each paid advertisement.

Selling affiliate products is another important strategy that can result in profits. Not only should you spend lots of time looking for great affiliate products, you should join affiliate sites that sell many products and services that consumers want most. Some of these affiliate sites include Amazon.com and Clickbank. These affiliate sites sell either real world products or information products such as ebooks and software.

Besides choosing the right affiliate sites, it is also important to make sure that your web content matches the products you sell. It should be noted that there are a few services that have done this legwork for you and have matched content with consumer friendly products that pay out high commission rates for web developers.

Optimization is extremely important and is a great way to get free advertising and visitors from the search engines. Most web sites generate the most traffic from search engine indexes such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. You can increase the traffic you receive from these search engines by optimizing your site with keyword density and links. Keyword density means that the content on your web page has a specific amount of a certain keyword or keyword phrase. When visitors look for information, they usually type in a keyword like "life insurance". You can build web pages that have keyword densities or a percentage of keywords or phrases on a page that match a specific term. The proper keyword percentage is usually 2% to 5% of a web page.

Affiliate programs also help in improving inward linking. In affiliate schemes, you provide incentives (usually a commission on the sale of your product or service) for other websites to become affiliates (i.e. carriers). These affiliates then generate you direct traffic; the added bonus comes in the form of those inward links to your site. Affiliate Programs create powerful alliances between your web site and your various "affiliate" web sites. Providing affiliate links to your website would improve your website's search engine ranking. It makes your website more visible to crawlers.

Building links is another way to improve how high you rank on a search engine index. Links consist of your hyperlink of your web site that is posted onto another web site. The more links of your web site that can be found throughout the internet on other sites, usually the higher you will rank in the search engines. Other factors apply such as types of links and where your links are posted.

Not only is Google Adsense a great way to monetize your web site, but you should also diversify and sell affiliate products on your site. Selling an affiliate product is simple and usually requires the web developer to sign up to be an affiliate and sell a specific product of his or her choice. Usually web developers sell affiliate products that are relevant to their web site. For instance, if you have created a web site on gardening, you might want to sell an ebook on gardening tips, gardening tools from an online store such as Amazon.com or other affiliate sites. The web developer gets paid when one of their visitors buys a product through the affiliate link on their web site.

One of the ways many web developers monetize their web sites is with both Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. Google Adsense is an extremely effective way to turn traffic to one's web site into a steady income producing enterprise. Affiliate marketing is an extremely simple and very low labor intensive way to generate sales on your site. If you already have an established website and traffic or would like to build a web site to use Google Adsense and affiliate marketing, here are some tips on getting the most out of it.

There are definitely specific strategies that work better than others when trying to monetize your web site with Google Adsense, a few of them include, content management and optimization of your web page and site.

In the early years, having decent content on your web site was more than enough to draw lots of traffic to your web site, however times have changed. Today, there is much more competition regarding content and in order to drive traffic to your web site, you have to make sure you have high quality content that is focused on specific topics that people are looking for. While some topics have too much competition when it comes to web sites, many smaller web developers have turned to niche sites that focus on less popular topics that have less competition for traffic. If you are building a new web site, you will probably do the best with niches and in some cases micro niches. Many web developers put lots of time and effort into choosing the topics that they build their web site around.

Besides having quality content, you will need to optimize your website to rank high in the search engine indexes. Some optimization techniques include keyword density and linking with other sites.

Adding Google Adsense to your article site is easy, because Google easily figures out which keywords your site is optimized for and then tailors ads that may be interesting to your visitors. Besides Google Adsense or in conjunction with Adsense, you can also add other types of paid advertisements, possibly from a large online florist (for a rose web site) or even a neighborhood florist, if your site is optimized for a specific region.

Adding Affiliate Products is also a great way to monetize your site and create a profitable article site. Promoting affiliate products is a great way to earn more than just with Google Adsense or paid advertisers, with a quality affiliate product, you can make $10, $20 or even $50 or more, just on one sale of a product. Article web sites that can draw lots of traffic can easily reap affiliate commissions and make thousands every month.

Having a linking strategy is extremely important. Of course you can work on your own and create your own links and develop your own relationships or you can join special services that automatically build links within your web pages and send you lots of reciprocal and one way back links that ultimately raise your page rank and drive traffic to your sites. For many web developers, it can take months to build a network of links for just one web site, one of the newer trends is to already have a large network of links mapped out and ready to go to help out web developers drive up their page rank and traffic.

As an affiliate marketer, the web developer only has to advertise, promote and generate the sale of the affiliate product; they do not have to worry about processing a payment, inventory or shipping the product out making this technique a low cost and less time consuming way to monetize your web site.

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