Jun 3, 2009

How To Get Indexed By Google Cheaply and Quickly

Not so long ago there was a booming cottage industry that catered to novice internet marketers who were in a bat-outta-hell rush to get their websites indexed by Google.

The purveyors of those services that catered to the burgeoning get-indexed-quickly-by-Google crowd usually directed internet marketing newbies to buy expensive one-way links for the duration of one month from high page rank websites or more specifically, high PR web pages.

Such links commonly cost as much as $800/month (not an expense for the faint of heart, as you can see). But why would someone shell out that kind of money for one measly link?

MYTH 1: Being Indexed By Google Means Lots of Web Traffic

A lot of new marketers think that once they've got their site indexed by Google, they can sit back, relax, kick off their shoes and contentedly watch the show of internet traffic snaking its way to their website. If you happen to have been (or still are) a student of this school of thought take consolation in the fact that you were (are) not alone, not by a long shot!

How come?

Because seo practioners of the day certainly weren't about to go out of their way to disavow such a misconception; after all it was very much in their interest to perpetuate the myth. How else would they convince you to fork over a princely sum for a mere one-month link? Anyway here's how the technique worked:

When you bought a one-way link on a webpage with a page rank value of 7 and above you were guaranteed of getting your website crawled by the googlebot within 24 hrs at the outmost which by proxy ensured that your site was indexed within 24 hrs. If your link was found on a web page with PR8 and above, your site would be indexed by Google within hours thanks to that high page rank link!

MYTH 2: Being Indexed By Google Means A Turbo-Charged Dash Up The SERPs

The 2nd selling point for acquiring an expensive one-month one-way link was the premise that your website would accelerate up the SERPs once it was indexed by Google. (SERPs stands for search engine rank pages which is just a fancy way of referring to the search engine page that lists relevant websites in response to your query). Obviously the higher up the SERPs your website gets, the greater the traffic flow!

But like any over-inflated bubble this one too had to explode, and so it did in time. With increased awareness and knowledge came new understanding of budget techniques that worked just as effectively. Besides Google effectively nullified the system by introducing the Link-Aging Filter which is an algorithm tweak that negates any influence that any new link may pass to your website or blog until said link has been in place for a certain amount of time. The interval of probation varies from link to link and appears to be based upon the competitiveness of the keyword incorporated in your back-link. The Link-Aging Filter hence effectively nullifies the technique of acquiring short-term links in order to get your website indexed rapidly by Google or accelerate your website up the search engines.

Methods To Get Your Website Googled Quick And Cheap!

1. Submit an original article to a high page rank article directory; don't forget to include a back-link pointing to your website with the anchor text of your choice! This technique works as follows: article directories are content rich sites (a quality Google loves) and assuming that the directory has a high page rank, you can bet that the googlebot (google crawler, google spider, it all means the same thing) will crawl such a site several times a day. When the googlebot comes across your article it will continue its eternal crawl across your back-link to your site and Hey Presto You Just Got Googled! (Well at least your site did.)

2. The second way to get your website googled fast and cheap, is by getting a back-link pointing to your site on one of the popular tagging websites which includes the likes of: Digg.com, Technorati.com, del.icio.us to name but a few. The trick here is not to get lost in the sea of over-popular keywords; in other words, since you're aiming to attract the googlebot not eyeballs (human internet traffic), tag your website with a little-used-little-known keyword! Once again these sites are crawled multiple times a day and tend to have a page rank value of 8 and above!

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