Jun 3, 2009

Enhance the Performance of Your PC Through A Registry Cleaning Software

Computers work well when they get professional and regular maintenance. The un-installation and installation of hardware, software along with drivers generally leave loose ends behind within your registry, ensuing in a mesh of unemployed applications, empty or incomplete command signals and broken drivers. This mass of confusion slows down the performance of your PC and when not addressed on time can lead to breaking problems like computer freezing, system crashes and not responding programs.

This is the time when your computer needs check up via a registry cleaning software. The software provides you the aptitude to carry out an automatic fix of identified items after a thorough scan. You can also configure settings with the intention that mending of detected items takes place after every scan. A registry cleaning software is the perfect option for mending registry errors, PC optimization and maintenance. The most amazing part about the registry cleaning software is that restore and backup is created whenever you use it. You can bring back any item any time. In addition, it provides easy and quick access to every program, which is launched when you switch on a PC. You can disable and enable applications within the manage startup listing by making some simple clicks.

The main benefits and features affixed with a registry cleaning software include:

- Manual/ automatic removal - Back up registry - In built cleanser - Defrag or compress registry - Cleanup/ manage startup programs - Scan the shortcuts for invalid program - Eliminate duplicate files - Removes unused registry keys - Checks the unsound class keys - Tests shell extension - Tests unsound help files - Checks invalid Typelib/ CLSID/ Interface entries - Tests invalid shared known DLL's

Also, the registry cleaner checks the invalid paths, tests applications orphan references/ path keys, tests invalid fonts, tests invalid extensions/ entries/ file types as well as startup manager.

The registry cleaning software employs the highly sophisticated technology accessible to analyze the registry for obsolete, missing along with the corrupt entries. Compatible with almost all forms of Microsoft products plus third-party applications, the registry cleaning software seeks all those remnants that are left behind when your registry from incomplete un-installations, fails installations, spy ware applications and disables drivers.

The registry cleaning software automatically will clean, repair and optimize your PC from the following:

- System crashes - Windows installer problems - Registry errors - ActiveX shield - ActiveX controls - Runtime errors - DLL errors - IE errors - Dr Watson issues - JavaScript errors - Task manager errors - System32 and Internet explorer errors - Hardware malfunction - Isass.exe - Virtual memory - Application and computer shutdown

Develop mainly to use the most recent technology in the registry cleaning; the registry cleaning software has been comprehensively designed in order to offer the PC users the highly advanced maintenance and prevention tool accessible. Providing the most detailed feature set in the marketplace in addition to free consumer support, the cleaning software is the computer fix preferred by majority of the computer users.

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