Jun 26, 2009

Earn Easy Money From PTC

First of all,
PTC sites are those sites which pay us to view ads for 30 seconds.
PTC sites is a way to communicate between advertisers and publishers (clickers or also called members). Advertisers want to show their sites to people and they pay for it. Users at the ptc sites want to earn money and they do it by clicking the ads from advertisors.

In Simple :
=> Register to PTC sites
=> Login
=> View ads daily
=> Get paid daily
=> Join friends under u and get daily extra commission upto 80 %

But before joining the PTC sites, READ BELOW:

The online earning programs are tied up with many payment gateways.
Before starting the online money earnings , you need to have the valid online transaction account. [i mean a online bank account]

Most common mode of sending payments will be via

* PayPal * and * Alertpay *

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