Jun 26, 2009

Alertpay Registration

Alertpay Registration Steps : -

To register in alertpay click the following alertpay banner and follow the steps mentioned

Step - 1 : Click this banner

Step - 2 : Click " sign up now "

Step - 3 : Select " Personal Pro " and Click Next

Step -4 : Fill the form with your details care fully.

Step - 5 : No need to link your credit card at this point of time.
Click "Continue or Back"

Step - 6 : you will get the confirmation mail to the mail id you had mentioned.open that mail and click the confirmation link .
Your account is created, you also get the confirmation mail in your email id.

Do not share your alertpay details to any one .
Till you integrate your credit card , your account will show the status as unverified . but this does not affect your money transactions . So no worry on this part.

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